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Tradition in der Moderne!
Bekleidung für Individualisten! Wahre Schönheit ist zeitlos, denn sie überdauert alle Moden und Trends.

Wir zeigen Ihnen individuelle hochwertige Mode die ein alpines Lebensgefühl repräsentiert. Unverwechselbare Wertigkeit in Styling und Verarbeitung! Hochwertige Materialien, handwerkliche Perfektion, und Desgins die ihre Ansätze in der Tradition suchen, machen jedes Teil zu einem Unikat. Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit Ihr out-fit in einem Online-Shop zu bestellen. Rufen Sie mich an, ich berate Sie gerne und erfülle, wenn irgend möglich, auch Ihre individuell Wünsche.

Meindl Couture in leather. A fashion for any country und city in the world. Fine leather jackets and frocks for man and woman, traditional leather trousers, out-door jackets, lambskin coats and jackets.  Alpen-Lifestyle in the focus of time. Tradition, quality and consciousness become one. Meindl Couture in high-quality leather. Incomparable in quality, execution and styling.

Meindl's traditional leathertrousers: Hardly any piece of clothing of the present can show a longer history than the „Lederhosen“ (traditional leathertrousers). Wether traditional short leather trousers, a knee leather pants, or long pants, no matter if for woman or man. Tradition has its duty in material, processing and form. Each time has its changes - each “Lederhose” is free from trend. Please contact us, if you have any special wishes, we are happy to help you. 

Future through Tradition: We write 18th january 1816, the day, when in Austria was set up a new regiment, which was the only one of the entire army, which had the honor to carry the name of Emperor Franz I. from Austria. The legendary K & K Imperial fighters are born. They had a unique position by representing their elite group as having been more modern approach to tradition and identity then any other before. And just this understatement used Kaiserjäger in naming and design of their exceptional, modern but also traditional collections.

Traditonal shirts with stand up collar and with embroidery. High quality shirts worked from cotton or linen. The "Pfoad" (traditional shirt) with standup collar is an obligation for everyone, who loves „Tracht“ (traditonal clothing). Either with horn buttons or clothes' buttons. The choice is numerous. Blouses for the traditional clothing.

Shoes from Dirndl and Bua: High quality and perfect in the processing are this shoes a comfortable treat for your feet. Haferlschuhe, Mittelschnürer, suede shoes, buckle shoes, dress shoes for ladies and gentlemen. Sheepskin, Lambskin boots and elegnat boots, boots with rustic loden trimming. English double stitched shoes. Please call us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

Steinbock/Tirol/Austria: Steinbock`s strength is clothing made of "Loden" (a spaecial kind of woolen material), coats, jackets, skirts, costumes etc. In the collection "St. Hubertus" hunters and foresters you find jackets, jumpers and outdoor jackets like „Kotze“(something like a cape for hunters). Have a look and see...

Tradition by Lodenfrey: LODENFREY - Highest quality Loden since ages..  Outdoor jackets, fine capes, tufflecoat, loden coats, jackets and Loden capes. Typical costumes for the regions in Austria and Bavaria for ladies and gentlemen. Dirndl dress, traditional costumes, traditional suits, jackets.